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Letter: All I can say is ‘Wow!’

Wow! I didn’t think the behavior of some of our locally elected officials could get much worse until reading about Brickett Allis’ attempt to manipulate a recent council vote in order to get a different result. I really do hope that Greenfield’s residents saw through this maneuver as well as recognize that this was, more than likely, a concerted effort. I believe we have rules in this town about officials meeting together in private. I hope none of these were violated prior to Brickett’s request for a revote.

Thank you David Singer. Your integrity, voice of reason and legal expertise will be missed. And though I’ve been on the fence, I will now be voting against Isaac Mass in the upcoming election. I wish that Brickett was running and that we were having a mayoral election as well. Again, WOW!

Local politics is starting to smell really, really bad in this town.

FYI — I saw an informative and largely respectful (Singer and Tim Farrell) program on GCTV the other night. These two, as well as Chris Collins and Al Norman, were discussing issues related to June’s election, and some of the candidates in the running. The show helped to persuade me in choosing whom I believe will best serve our town — with the most respectful and least divisive behavior. I highly recommend this show to all.

Thanks to GCTV for providing a forum more enlightening than much of the information (about the candidates) being currently provided in the paper.

And thanks to Singer and Farrell for providing an example of how to maturely and reasonably discuss political issues.



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