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Letter: Missed the mark

In reference to Mr. Blagg’s May 19 Recorder column, the statement that “only the rise of the NRA and its lobby has extended the Second Amendment to include private citizens, rather than members of a state militia” is absurd.

To paraphrase Al Borland of “Home Improvement” fame, “I don’t think so, Tim!” One would think that as a student of history, Mr. Blagg would understand that all of the rights acknowledged, (not granted to us) by the Founding Fathers are individual rights, including firearms ownership.

NRA bashing seems to be all the rage nowadays, but I’m afraid it’s misguided. They’re not responsible for all the shootings that have taken place lately, nor are the millions of responsible gun owners.

Are you anti-gun but use, espouse the use of or deal in drugs? If so then you have more blood on your hands than any NRA member, in the form of gangs and drug turf wars. It’s what old Gore might call an inconvenient truth.

As for the cries for “common sense” gun laws, there are only an estimated 10,000-plus state and federal laws already in place. Apparently, we should trust our wise representatives with a few more “shots” at producing some commonsense legislation.



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