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Letter: Hating capitalism

Leftists in Greenfield ferociously fight against Wal-Mart. Leftists hate the capitalist system that generously improves the quality of life for those who want to live, work, and cooperate in the free market system. Leftists opposition to scale production of resources — like large retailers — prevents poor people from accessing jobs, goods and services the our capitalism system generously supplies.

Freely ... cooperating people all around the world buy and sell and prosper because of freedom to work. Notice the prosperity of India and China. People there live in tiny huts and dirt patches — no health care — not even basic things like plumbing and electricity. Participating in the worldwide market system, people now enjoy the prosperity many Americans enjoy. Our way of life is a privileged one — a way of life the world poor previously never experienced living under communism or religious fanaticism that doesn’t believe in freedom for all. Ignorant of the power of people to work cooperatively to create wealth, leftists literally deprive people of the hope and freedom they need to live.

The benefits of large-scale production of resources is a well-established fact. Imagine two scenarios: Farmers who grow a small crop independently produce less food and therefore they need to charge higher prices to pay their bills. Farmers who plant huge acreage and use sophisticated machinery have power to produce tons of food. Modern technology enables them to produce more food with less costs. They use modern technology that generates more food at less cost — and — pass those benefits onto consumers in the form of lower prices. Large-scale retailers, likewise, access modern technology to generate goods on large scale and pass those benefits onto consumers. People can enjoy the low costs and improve their quality of life just by not listening to leftists.



Yes you make some fine points, but you've missed a few things: 50% of the U.S. is in drought. Some areas of the U.S. are headed for desertification. While we have had abundant farming through agribusiness, in many places the soil is being over-farmed to the point of exhaustion, and a lot of the world has no water, which is now being commodified. Oh, and the population in some areas is unsustainable, and we have climate change. While capitalism has done many great things, it is not synonymous with Democracy, and when a few individuals are wealthy enough to control an entire political process that is not Democracy; that is oligarchy. One of the ways these individuals are able to "run the table" is by dividing us into "lefties" and "righties". This has insured success for them, but not for the vast majority of citizens. Sadly, this tactic is used in other places to insure that wealth is taken from nations and citizens, and its working here to the detriment of American cohesiveness.

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