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Letter: The selection is clear

Your reporter, Anita Fritz, refers to the candidate forum as a debate multiple times in the space you gave her to fill up The Recorder. It wasn’t a debate. Debates have a completely different format. It was a forum. If this had been a debate, incumbent Mark Wisnewski would have had the chance to counter his opponent’s sharp-shooting, inaccurate accusation of name-calling.

Isaac Mass insulted every single resident of Greenfield Thursday night by claiming the Town Council is Greenfield’s biggest challenge. What a narrow-minded, misinformed thing to say to a community with far greater challenges. I now seriously wonder if Isaac has spent any time with his constituents. He goes on to say he will “work hard for the people that elect him” — implying the other folks in town can just go suck an egg. Isaac seems so self-absorbed as to be grossly out of touch with the realities of Greenfield. I think the incumbent, Mark Wisnewski, has a much better track record, a far better (and kinder) relationship with the whole town, and a vastly more informed understanding of the needs in this community.

And, bless Penny’s heart, she didn’t do her homework again. You cannot, and I repeat — cannot — simultaneously support an economically viable downtown AND a big box store. The two, together, HISTORICALLY, do not happen. So, don’t be fooled by her attempt to tell you otherwise; she’s trolling for votes with misinformation. Also, when a candidate admits, like Penny did, “Quite honestly, I feel like I deserve this seat,” voters might want to think about the words and distortions that candidate will use to get elected.

Based on the performances made by incumbents and challengers at Thursday’s candidate forum, I urge Greenfield to vote for incumbents Wisnewski, Siano, Ronhave, and Hoffman, as well as, candidate Wainstein.



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