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Letter: Debate continues

I liked the headline of your editorial.

But the debate is not over, and here are some facts why, from a dissenter.

Fact 1: Buried deep inside the IPCC report from fall 2013, is they lowered the percentage of increased CO2 in the atmosphere from 100 percent to 95 percent sure it was caused by humans, a seismic shift by the panel. This fact gets overlooked by most “global warming/climate change” zealots.

Fact 2: Included in that report, among all the gobbledygook, is that global surface temperature has not changed up or down since 1998. Please reference this article from May 2013 —

Fact 3: According to U.S. Energy Information Agency ( United States’ greenhouse gas emissions have fallen to levels not seen since 1992. Again most media ignore this dramatic fact.

Fact 4: The United States accounts for 19 percent of global CO2 emissions (see, so UNLESS and UNTIL the other 81 percent of the countries, India and China, for instance do something to lower their CO2 emissions, nothing we as country can do will make a difference.

The climate change (insert global warming) debate is a “rich person’s problem.” The rest of us worry about paying our monthly bills, which include electricity, heat, buying groceries and putting gasoline in our cars to get to work. Not necessarily in that order.

If this newspaper, other news outlets and politicians continue to force attention to this issue in order to wedge “climate” policies into our economy, it will only make matters worse and more expensive for the rest of us.

I believe you should put your attention and energies into a more deserving issue.

Where we agree to disagree is how much humans are responsible and if there is anything we can do about it.



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