Letter: Ideal for Precinct 5

I have known Penny Ricketts for a couple of decades and I have always marveled at her ability to relate so well to the people of Greenfield and to help this town in so many different ways. Over the years, she has been involved in numerous volunteer organizations, as well as participating in official town capacities, and she continues to remain involved. Consequently, she clearly understands Greenfield’s multitude of issues, and has an enviable ability to work with anyone and everyone. She is tireless, assertive, extremely intelligent, hard-working and determined — all qualities we in Greenfield need on the Town Council. I could write thousands of words supporting Penny, but suffice it to say that in my opinion, Penny Ricketts is the ideal candidate to represent the people of Precinct 5. I encourage everyone within the precinct to vote on June 10, and specifically, to vote for Penny Ricketts for Precinct 5’s representative on the Town Council.


Precinct 5 resident


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