Letter: The Wisnewski difference

Greenfield should have a strong local economy. Mark Wisnewski and Isaac Mass agree.

Greenfield should have low property taxes that support a strong and stable town government. Mark Wisnewski and Isaac Mass agree with that, too.

The difference is in how we get from here to there.

During Mark Wisnewski’s Town Council presidency, Greenfield has benefitted from a more open and transparent government. The public has been part of the process where differences and questions have been aired for all to consider. We have had input before town decisions are made. We are not merely observers of arguments between “insiders.”

Didn’t that happen before? Well, kind of. We could comment at the end of a Town Council meeting, if we were willing to wait until 10 p.m. or later after all council business had been discussed. Sometimes public comments were irrelevant because decisions had already been made. Some residents did not wait, so we never heard them. How important were public comments in that situation? Not very.

During Mark Wisnewski’s Town Council presidency, the public forum is at the beginning of each council meeting. We can influence the council’s deliberations before decisions are made. This small change is a major statement about Mark’s commitment to open government and consideration of what citizens think.

I worked with Mark Wisnewski on the Sustainable Master Plan process. Mark is committed to careful deliberation to ensure that decisions we make today will benefit not only the next few years but the next generation.

Mark Wisnewski has the vision to move Greenfield toward the healthy, sustainable future that our children and grandchildren deserve. And, even more importantly, he will involve all of Greenfield’s citizens in making those decisions. That is an essential difference.

Mark Wisnewski has my vote.



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