Letter: Enlightened government

I find it irresponsible when Republican operative and candidate Isaac Mass or his apologists, like Ed Fleming, always fail to address the documented criminality of Wal-Mart and similar big box operations. Republicans are usually alleged to be the law-and-order candidates. Since trade unions have a history of fighting discrimination and enforcing health and safety regulations and since Mass, according to Fleming, “has a great record on supporting local union employees,” I would like to make the following simple suggestions if or when a big box operation comes to town:

The Town Council shall encourage the unionization of any big box operation so that employees can lift themselves out of poverty and can be protected from discrimination and health and safety violations.

The Town Council shall require that the corporation, before moving to town, sign a neutrality clause insisting that any unionization campaign shall proceed unhindered by management. Anything less would be opposing the spirit of the U.N. treaty on human rights in which our country is a signatory since 1948.

Greenfield could become the shining example of an enlightened government supporting the ongoing struggle for unionization of the lowest-paid workers among us! This could be the beginning of a campaign that as a community we could all join the ongoing nationwide fight to unionize fast-food joints and Wal-Mart. Somehow I get the distinct feeling that our local Republicans vying for seats on the council would find a way to oppose these reasonable proposals.



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