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Letter: The ‘real’ confusion

In response to the article in Tuesday’s Recorder, “Cannabis confusion”:

There seems to be no confusion regarding the use of prescribed medications that are produced by large pharmaceutical companies that list a multitude of possible side-effects, including death. My information on this is gleaned from commercials advertising medications for erectile dysfunction, incontinence, depression, anxiety and a host of other conditions with which people suffer. Yet, a natural substance produced by small growers is perceived as harmful. And here is the rub, with medical marijuana: We are discussing providing people with serious and life-threatening illnesses with relief — real relief which enables them to have as full and healthful lives as possible.

The Hippocratic Oath is “to do no harm.” I strongly believe that providing comfort and quality of life to people in severe physical and thus, emotional pain is doing no harm. If we withhold this care, it is because big pharmaceutical companies, may be the ones who are in danger of losing their life’s blood, called profits and that is what all the “confusion” is really about.



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