Police Logs, May 1-3

Greenfield, May 1

10:02 a.m. — Domestic disturbance on Conway Street where the caller reports her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend are having a domestic fight, and say there is a baby involved; her daughter is trying to hit him while he is holding the baby; the daughter took the phone and yelled that her fiance put a bruise on her arm; the reporting person took the phone back, and stated that, “she is trying to hit me.” Officers arrived, and investigation led to arrest of Casey Presz, 26, of Conway Street, Greenfield, on two charges of assault and battery, (domestic).

10:09 a.m. — Report of destruction done to equipment at Greenfield Corporate Center on Munson Street this past Tuesday morning.

12:11 p.m. — Caller from ServiceNet facility on High Street where the caller says a client has a knife to her wrist; officers sent, and the subject dropped the knife at an officer’s request; the officers then walked her over to the ER at Baystate Franklin Medical Center.

5:10 p.m. — Report of a rear-end accident on the rotary on the Mohawk Trail near Applebee’s; officer reports two vehicles and no injuries reported.

6:03 p.m. — Erratic operation from Federal Street and up to McDonald’s on that street; the reporting person says a silver station wagon has crossed over the double line several times, and there appears to be a child in the backseat with no seatbelt or car seat; officer located the vehicle and spoke with the operator, who admitted being distracted by her child in the rear seat; the child was in a car seat; the operator was advised of the complaint and it was suggested that she pull over to the side of the road the next time she’s having an issue with her child.

8:57 p.m. — Caller from Cumberland Farms on Main Street reports a male urinating on the Cumberland Farms building. Officer sent, but the male had left, and was unable to be found.

9:34 p.m. — Disturbance reported on Pray Drive where the caller says there is a large group of people making a lot of noise there; officers spoke with a group of family members who were outside having a conversation; they were advised to keep the noise level down; seems to be a part of an ongoing neighbor dispute.

9:37 p.m. — Ambulance requested at Applebee’s on the Mohawk Trail; BHA contacted, officer and fire department sent; a patient was unresponsive and was transported to Baystate Franklin Medical Center by BHA.

11:32 p.m. — Reporting person at the police station reports she believes she, “had died, and has become a clone.” The female appears to have some mental health issue; she said she is going to Baystate Franklin Medical Center to have her brain checked and make sure it is all still there; she stated she doesn’t feel like hurting herself or anyone else. Services rendered.

Montague, May 1

10:28 a.m. — Caller from East Chestnut Hill Road reports a neighbor has a large flock of goats, 50 to 60 estimated, and the owner allows the flock to, “free range,” and they go into neighbors yards and they are eating plants and bushes; the caller says he has talked to the owner of the goats with no response; officer spoke to the owner of the goats who stated someone is supposed to come and take the goats to auction, but it’s been too wet to do this; officer advised him the goats need to be penned and secured, and he needs to make the necessary repairs.

12:10 a.m. — Caller from Riverside in Gill reports she is at the address there and stated her mother just assaulted her husband with a bite to the hand; when asked, the reporting person declined EMS; they are separated at this time, and the mother is back in her first floor apartment; Gill officer is responding.

1:13 p.m. — Chief advised he has received several calls and complaints from motorists, and had himself just crossed the bridge next to Paperlogic on Canal Street, and noticed that the “bump” there at the end of the bridge is becoming more pronounced; additionally motorists have reported they are “bottoming out” there as well; the Mass Highway office was contacted and they will have someone come out to assess the situation.

3:18 p.m. — Traffic stop on Fourth Street led to arrest of Joyce E. Beaman, 42, of Brattleboro, Vt., on a warrant and charged with operating with suspended license, and impeded operation. The vehicle was towed.

4:51 p.m. — Caller from Fourth Street requests an officer regarding three females, one that she owes $20 to, that she believes intend to jump her when she returns the money; officer advised her of options.

5:08 p.m. — Officer wanted on Avenue A regarding his paycheck stub, that is normally mailed to his address; when he arrived, the check was torn open, and he was very agitated about this; officer advised him of his options.

5:34 p.m. — Caller from Ferry Road reports the train has been idling for some time and it is disturbing the peace, but he is also concerned that there is no one on the train right now; dispatch called Pan Am, and they confirmed the train is running, and is empty at this time, but he also advised the train is unable to move due to a part they take with them when they leave it. Officer was advised of the call.

9:52 p.m. — Caller from Ferry Road complaining about the noise generated from the train parked nearby and she also expressed concern about possible “ground pollution,” and “air pollution.” Dispatch advised the call would be documented and the caller should contact town hall, and the Selectboard with the complaint. Dispatch contacted the railroad again and a man there said he is unsure when the train will be moved, but he will attempt to get someone out to shut the train down.

Greenfield, May 2

4:43 a.m. — Caller from King’s Gym on Main Street reports a male is sleeping outside the back door; officer found the man sleeping in the back stoop to the gym, and he states he had been visiting a friend, but it started raining, so he couldn’t continue to walk home in the rain; the male was identified and advised of the complaint by the employees for sleeping on the property, and he was moved along.

7:41 a.m. — Caller stated the involved male at Prospect Street location has been drinking and has torn the house apart; the male requested to be taken to the ER, and there was no physical domestic involved; Turners Falls Fire called for mutual aid ambulance, but it was canceled as the man had also taken meds with the alcohol and is now not feeling well; officer transported him to the hospital.

Montague, May 2

1:18 a.m. — Male caller on Fifth Street reported that his son’s grandfather just walked by his house “punching his hand” and calling out the reporting person’s name; the caller advises he and the other male had a verbal argument in court earlier today and the reporting person wishes this to be on record, and to avoid conflict with the other male. Officer sent, but the other male isn’t in the area any longer, and the caller just wanted it logged.

8:44 a.m. — Report of a snapped wire, pole to pole, that is hanging over one of the travel lanes on Wendell Road at South Prospect Street, and the caller believes it is a telephone wire; officer and fire captain were advised; officer found it to be a phone line, and said it will need to be addressed as it is a hazard; Verizon was advised.

9:30 a.m. — Caller reports a disturbance in progress at SerivceNet housing on Farren Avenue between herself and her housemate who has been stomping around the apartment and playing loud music and harassing the reporting person; officers sent and peace was restored.

10:47 a.m. — Numerous callers report a fist fight in progress on Avenue A. Two arrested. Jose Sanchez, 25, of 29 Avenue A charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct. Sebret Benjamin Sanchez, 21, of same address, charged with disorderly conduct.

11:06 a.m. — Report of a male in his 60s wearing a brown sweater running around in Spinner Park, Avenue A. Caller states he appears to be having a “bad trip.” Transporting subject home, will be advised to remain there for a few hours.

12:47 p.m. — Female parties by Booska’s Flooring, Avenue A, flagged officer down. They found some hypodermic needles and turned them over.

Montague, May 3

10:23 a.m. — Brian K. Bouchard, 53, of 98 Fifth St. Apt. 2 arrested on a default warrant.

2:01 p.m. — Report of 10 to 12 goats in the road, Wendell Road, Millers Falls near town line. Calls made. Sergeant checked length of Wendell Road, no goats observed.

3:45 p.m. — Wendell Road caller advises that he is out with a bulldozer in a field. Bulldozer caught fire and he has since extinguished it; wants fire department to check. Fire out on arrival.

6:24 p.m. — Caller advises that he is at the playground of Sheffield Elementary School and found a marijuana pipe and cigarette package on the play structure, saw two young girls in that area as he arrived with his children. Sergeant retrieved items.

2:25 p.m. — East Chestnut Hill Road caller reports his neighbor’s goats have been on his property again twice today.

5:43 p.m. — Turners Falls Road caller reports her husband is accusing her of stealing his medication, Suboxone.

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