Letter: Making a connection

In my first perusal of Saturday’s paper (Apr. 26), I thought the picture of the three wild fox cubs peering out of their den on page A5 was simply adorable. Then I read the great article by Richie Davis about a regional U.S. Department of Energy task force hearing in Hartford, which was continued from page one onto page A5 just below this picture.

I wanted to applaud The Recorder editor for positioning those innocent, fox cub eyes just above this story about the major destruction of wild habitat, that would result from a proposed gas pipeline construction project through our area.

Lest you did not read through this whole article on the hearing before the DOE, I would like to present the quote from Leigh Youngblood here again, as I think it says it all. “In lieu of a new pipeline … the $2 billion price tag of the Massachusetts section of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline could more prudently be spent installing 4KW rooftop solar systems on 100,000 homes, which would collectively generate $80 million worth of electricity annually — without compromising the land or our atmosphere. An alternative infrastructure investment such as this at this scale, 400MW, would provide numerous benefits to the public interest while avoiding both critical losses to 100 years of prior investments in land conservation and exacerbations of climate volatility being experienced today and projected to worsen.”

It taxes our minds to consider solving a huge problem with many small solutions, house by house, instead of with an enormous, regional pipeline project, to support more gas-fired power plants, which have always solved this problem for us in the past.

It will be up to us to mount a citizen campaign to bring such ideas to the powers that be. It should be noted that apparently, Ms. Youngblood and other people testifying in opposition to the pipeline, did not get to speak at the hearing until late in the afternoon, after most of the officials this was meant for had already left.

So, thank you, Recorder, for putting those adorable fox cubs juxtapositioned above this important article. Whether a conscious decision or not on your part, it was an additional message that makes it that much harder to ignore the need to pay attention and to act.



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