2014 Poets Seat Poetry Contest: “Winter” by A.J. Wilson

A.J. Wilson
Recorder/Micky Bedell

A.J. Wilson Recorder/Micky Bedell


All through the whispering night

flakes of the purest white

fall down from the dark sky

and drift across the wind’s hissing cry

like words in the loveliest song.

The air, a biting serpent

on the flesh that many may resent

slicing through the warmth of homes

cutting across gardens of gnomes

this serpent stretches long.

Through to morning the weather rules

and into pure daylight this king cools

anything he touches with his fingers of ice

creeping across a place once nice

the grip of this king is strong.

Absolute frost coats the land

although this behavior is never truly planned

predictions are made, but never rock solid

until it is seen what is valid

always never right, but never wrong.

It is never over until tendrils of green

stretch from the earth like fingers unseen

reaching up for a flash of warm air

where new leaves swish like hair

and with that, winter ends like a song.

A.J. Wilson


Young poet, top two 12- to 14-year-olds

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