Letter: I call it extortion

I am writing today in response to the article Economic Fallout, on Friday, April 4. As someone who will still be employed by Entergy after December, I find it appalling that the local “do-gooders” want to extort even more money from Entergy, after already receiving over a half a billion dollars to shut the place down in the first place.

You folks had zero economic impact consideration when crying about the environment. Which, by the way, there was no proven environmental impact in the first place. At that time, you didn’t care about the several hundred hard-working, tax-paying citizens whose jobs would be lost or relocated. You only cared about the handouts, of which there were millions of dollars worth, that Entergy and its employees gave yearly.

Now, after seeing other countries and areas receiving more money than you had already agreed to, $10 million, you proceed to have your hand out and demand more. I firmly believe any, and all, of that money should go directly to the employees this shutdown is affecting. However, I know the economic developments created with those funds will never benefit the former employees.

You folks wanted this plant shut down. Well, you got it. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.



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