Letter: Driving moves

Can I have a minute or two of your time? After talking with several motorists driving near the U.S. Post Office in Greenfield, it appears that some do not realize how dangerous a u-turn is! One told me that what they did was not a u-turn, but a j-turn. Another said they just found a parking space (on the other side of the street). A few told me: “Thanks, I did not know it was a $100 fine.”

Possibly, others are so irked at so much criticism that they have stopped listening. I’m imperfect. My padre asked me if I was too good to be corrected; I should listen and maybe learn something. Well now, that took a while to get used to. Growing up is painful, but sometimes the result is beneficial to the community.

I was asked to mention that texting while driving is not a good idea. There are so many cars on the road now that driving is a full-time job. Only occasionally can we see the beautiful landscape and look at the girls/boys.

Thanks to those who drive and think of others. It’s not my road; it’s OURS.



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