Letter: Vote for my mom

Please Vote for Penny Ricketts on April 15 for Precinct 5, and allow me to tell you why.

There is no question Penny Ricketts truly loves Greenfield, and cares deeply about its interests. The greatest lesson she taught me early in life was to “pay it forward” — because whatever and what little we have is enough to share with others. My mother sits on several boards and attends numerous fundraisers for causes she feels empowers and uplifts the community. Some of these organizations my sister and I grew up being a part of, like the Big Brother/Big Sister Program and YMCA camps. Penny also works with United Way, the Human Rights Commission, and the Greenfield Public School Pen Pal Program, to name a few.

My mother taught my sister Vanessa and I the importance of voting early on; we both registered to vote on our 18th birthdays because we knew our voices and votes mattered. We grew up always wanting more, wanting better, and the thought that our vote could stand behind something that could positively affect or influence the lives of others was so powerful. My mother truly believes so much in people, that she puts everyone in her heart. She lends a hand and gives her time when it’s needed because it’s her genuine honor to do so.

My sister and I were raised by an extremely strong and compassionate woman, who had nothing and worked so hard to give two children whatever she could as a single mother. That’s the kind of person you want to have a seat at the table, and lend the voice of the community to keep Greenfield a fantastic place to live.

Precinct 5 — Please go to the polls on April 15 and support my mom, Penny Ricketts.



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