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Police Logs: March 19-21

Greenfield, March 19

7:38 a.m. — Breaking and entering into a motor vehicle reported on Davis Street where some money and a radio have been taken; officer found the vehicle was unlocked during the night.

10:51 a.m. — Breaking and entering into a motor vehicle, on Chapman Street where the reporting person told the officer his unlocked vehicle was entered during the night, and a GPS was stolen from the console.

4:51 p.m. — Reporting person states there is an older male sitting along the side of the former Lunt Silversmith building with a lot of stuff, and a blanket over his head; officer spoke to the male, who is homeless, and is trying to get back to Vermont; officer verified his identification with a photo ID, and checked him for warrants, but found none.

5:53 p.m. — Larceny at Green Fields Market on Main Street where the reporting person states a customer’s bag was stolen.

6:05 p.m. — Despondent person reported on High Street, where officer assisted with a mental health situation, and the subject was manageable, and went with BHA to the hospital.

6:44 p.m. — Domestic disturbance on East Fort Square; officers found mother and daughter were having an argument, but no physical contact; everyone states they were safe.

7:21 p.m. — Report of an accident at Leyden and Eunice Williams roads where the caller says she struck a deer.

7:33 p.m. — Officers assisting at the Greenfield Star Transitional Home on Conway Street, where the caller requested an ambulance; the report was for a 14-year-old client who was highly agitated; in the end, the juvenile remained at the program and agreed to cooperate.

8:02 p.m. — Caller from area of the town hall offices on Court Square states he is feeling suicidal, and would like to go to the hospital; officers and BHA sent, and spoke with the subject who stated he felt like hurting himself; he was voluntarily taken to Baystate Franklin Medical Center by BHA.

8:34 p.m. — Officer stopping a vehicle at Cherry Rum Plaza on Bernardston Road where a Bernardston resident was summoned to court for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, and the vehicle was towed.

Montague, March 19

11:55 a.m. — Caller from Avenue A reports someone stole her disability-issued debit card while she was visiting family.

1:51 p.m. — Walk-in to speak with an officer about her son posting negative things about her online, and that the Department of Mental Health is investigating allegations that her son is stealing her medication.

7:41 p.m. — Caller from Lake Pleasant Road area would like it on record there has been a train idling for over two hours.

Orange, March 19

7:03 a.m. — Report of erratic driving of a green Jeep Cherokee on Daniel Shays Highway; vehicle located, and a citation issued to the owner for allowing operation of an unregistered motor vehicle; plates were seized.

2:46 p.m. — A summons requested for a person failing to clear snow from the sidewalk, on East River Street.

5:27 p.m. — Officer on patrol spotted a person urinating on the side of a snow bank; the known person was spoken with and sent on his way.

9:15 p.m. — Officer located two people walking on railroad tracks; both were on a lunch break and on their way back to work; they were advised to stay off the private property.

Greenfield, March 20

6:27 a.m. — Larceny reported at the Winslow building on Wells Street where the caller reports $5 missing.

9:03 a.m. — Accident at the rotary; two vehicles involved, minor damage; services rendered.

12:41 p.m. — Accident reported at Court Square where the reporting person says she was struck by another vehicle; officer found little or no damage to both vehicles; information exchanged. A food service truck struck the parked car when trying to back out of a parking space.

12:57 p.m. — Walk-in reporting neighbors on High Street are taking pictures of them secretly; officer spoke at length with both reporting people, who says the neighbors are loud and may have drilled holes in the floor to peek into their apartment; they were advised of option with the landlord; under investigation.

3:26 p.m. — Officers on several streets in the Silver and Federal streets area for a vehicle that failed to stop for state police on Bernardston Road by Cherry Rum Plaza; state police says the man is a thin, black male, 6 feet tall last seen wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans, and subject is believed to be affiliated with the Sicamore Street Gang out of Springfield; Montague K-9 track, from car leads toward the high school here; state police are having the vehicle towed to the barracks; state police air wing helicopter is now in the area and report they spotted someone on the tracks; K-9s tracking all the way South to behind the American Legion building and behind Green Fields Market; caller from Shattuck Street reports a black male she didn’t recognize got into her neighbor’s vehicle and left turning onto Cross Street and heading toward Cleveland Street, a white Acura sedan; Mass Air Wing advised they spotted the car on Silver Street approaching Federal; the vehicle was located, and arrested was Cayla Elizabeth Jones, 20, of Manchester, Conn., charged with possession of Class A drug, to wit, heroin with intent to distribute, two charges of possessing a drug with intent to distribute, with 300 feet of a school or 100 feet of a park or playground, conspiracy to violate drug laws, and possession of Class B drug, to wit, cocaine, with intent to distribute; also arrested was Tyvonne Gooden, 23, of Manchester, Conn., charged with being present where heroin is kept.

5:24 p.m. — Neighbor on Davis Street reports she can hear her disabled downstairs neighbor crying and in distress, but is unsure why, and she is unable to check on her because of her own recent surgery; she requests we check on her. Officers found the involved person fell off her wheelchair and hurt her knee; she refused transport to the hospital by BHA.

5:56 p.m. — General disturbance reported on Federal Street where the subject had left prior to officer’s arrival; the caller had reported a male was asked to move out and he came into the apartment and started to rip items off the walls and smashed things; he left in a purple Tahoe, but unknown which direction of travel; the reporting person stated that a former roommate became angry and began smashing his property that was in the apartment; all property that was broken belonged to the former roommate.

8:11 p.m. — Despondent person reported at Clinical and Support Options facility on High Street, and a Section 12 mental health process was issued for the person involved; patient was escorted into the ER by officers without incident.

9:07 p.m. — Despondent person reported in area of the town hall on Court Square; officers responded, and BHA transported the person to Baystate Franklin Medical Center.

10:07 p.m. — Caller from River Street reports her ex is calling her from Fitchburg stating that he is going to kill her; caller would like us to ask him to stop calling, and she will seek a restraining order in the morning.

Greenfield, March 21

1:52 a.m. — Officer found a vehicle parked at Beacon Field, Sanderson Street side; two people sitting, talking and the officer explained the 10 p.m. curfew and trespass at parks at night; nothing further.

9:05 a.m. — Unwanted person reported at the Winslow Building on Wells Street, fourth floor; initially reported as a medical call, but found not to be that, and the 32-year-old Montague female was issued a summons for possession of a Class E drug.

Montague, March 20

10:07 a.m. — Reporting person says she can’t find her 3-year-old son; he was last seen about five minutes ago when other family members left to take children to school; officers advised and chief also en route to assist; officer advises the child has been located in the house.

12:32 p.m. — Motor vehicle stop on Turners Falls Road where the vehicle was stopped for marked lane violation, but it appears to be a sugar issue; the owner’s wife is at home and the officer will be speaking with her; the vehicle was secured, and the operator was taken to his home, and his wife will be taking him to a doctor; she will call us if needed.

1:42 p.m. — Caller from area of Montague City Road and Masonic Avenue reports a one-car accident in which a car went into a pole, and the pole is split in half; the operator is an elderly male, but unknown if he is injured. Officers sent; the pole is sheared off and will need to be replaced; WMECO was advised; Montague City Road from Greenfield Road to Turnpike Road is being shut down as the pole is moving and wires are hanging; BHA advised, and then at the scene the subject signed a refusal of aid; WMECO on the scene and the vehicle is being towed.

4:30 p.m. — Caller from Canal Street reports she got a call from an unknown number and a person stated they were with the U.S. government, and stated to her that they wanted to send her $8,400; the reporting person says she knew right away this was likely a scam, and hung up on the caller. She was advised to keep an eye on her bank accounts and credit cards.

6:37 p.m. — Officers on Avenue A to serve a warrant; arrested was Albert Brunette, 51, of Avenue A, Turners Falls, on the warrant.

6:51 p.m. — Walk-in reports she was walking on Millers Falls Road and a vehicle approached her and, she believes, intentionally swerved toward her; she gave a description of the vehicle and the plate number; officer then contacted the owner of the vehicle who said he was aware of what the officer was speaking of, and advised he was attempting to miss a pothole.

9:17 p.m. — Caller reports she thinks she may have struck an opossum at Montague City and Turnpike roads, and believes the animal is still alive in the roadway, but caller is no longer on the scene; officer located the animal, which was deceased on arrival.

Montague, March 21

8:01 a.m. — Domestic disturbance on Coolidge Avenue where the reporting person says her boyfriend was out all night and came home under the influence of drugs and she suspects it was crack cocaine; he became out of control and threw a remote control at her face, striking her in the lip; officers responded, and arrested was Walter H. Perry, 36, of Coolidge Avenue, Turners Falls, charged with aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

8:54 a.m. — Caller from Turnpike Road reports a larger than usual amount of water in the area, and expressed concern there could be a water main break; officer checking and determined there is a considerable amount of water underneath some ice, unknown if there could be a main break underneath; DPW contacted, and later they did determine it was a main break and repair crew was being brought in.

9:22 a.m. — Report of a runaway or missing person at the Franklin County Technical School on Industrial Avenue; the juvenile was last seen at the school yesterday but didn’t get on the bus at dismissal; foster parents live in Springfield; they will be contacted; and officer checking to see if she is in the school today, but found she didn’t report to school today; an official there reports they were having problems with her yesterday.

Orange, March 20

8:14 a.m. — Control reports a car off Tully Road and over an embankment; officer responded, found no operator present; duty wrecker requested. Under investigation.

9:39 a.m. — Caller reports a tractor-trailer unit just hit the traffic light at the corner of West Main and South Main streets, and was last seen headed south on South Main Street. The tractor trailer unit was located and situation investigated.

3:21 p.m. — Caller from area of Fountain and West River streets reports she was just at the bus stop and a man walked up to her car and started yelling and swearing at her for no known reason, and then he walked away; she wanted it on record

6:37 p.m. — Officers on East Main Street to serve a warrant; arrested was Tanya L. Feeley, 34, of East River Street, Orange, on the court warrant.

9:05 p.m. — Caller from East River Street called to say her ex-husband had made rude remarks toward her and flipped her off while she was inside; the reporting person just recently dropped a three-year no harassment order on him; she was advised to contact Athol Police and the incident would be logged here.

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