Letter: Jobs and drugs

Since my last letter, I’ve taken it upon myself to read law books on the Housing Court.

This is what it is according to law definitions. It states that the Housing Court deals in cases of blocking the view, border disputes and building permits. These cases are for commercial housing, housing projects and private homes.

I have not been able to find a case that the state of Massachusetts took any commercial stores or other business cases.

I’m a taxpayer in Massachusetts and I wanted to see for myself. Now, for the readers of The Recorder, I ask that whether you have a job or not to look at the job section in the paper and tell me that there are enough jobs for a city of 20,000, not counting the rest of Franklin County.

Where, may I ask, are the jobs for the graduates of your new high school? Next, read the police reports and the court cases.

Do you think as I do that more jobs could have helped a lot of these people from getting in trouble?

It’s pretty bad to learn that it’s more lucrative to sell drugs up and down the Interstate 91 corridor than it is to work.

My question: Is it more valuable to Greenfield to stop a Walmart or is more valuable to stop drugs?

To all the people who don’t want a Walmart, I have something to tell you. When Walmart opens a new store, they want to hire 100 to 200 employees. What hasn’t been said in this paper is that only 10 percent of these applicants can pass a drug test.

These are the results of a no-job society and why a larger courthouse is needed.


South Deerfield

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