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Letter: Harder than it looks

To The Recorder’s editorial, I say “and you know that how?” As someone who has been building websites since the early ’90s, I need to remind everyone that the likes of Google and Amazon have spent two decades, billions of dollars and countless man hours yearly to create the “effortless” web experience most of you take for granted.

For perspective, consider we have been building bridges and roads for over two millennium and they rarely come in on time and under budget, add to that the whole computer field is barely 70 years old. Now let’s consider the challenge of presenting the complexity of health care options to a public who has never had to consider the range of choices — choices that themselves are ill-defined and changing —while not compromising or even having very private personal and financial information — oh, and do it under a deadline that was ill conceived in the first place and with major players in the policy realm doing their best (make that the worst) to torpedo the process. Well yes, there have been some issues.

A key point to understand is the NO commercial website ever goes “LIVE” instantly — they are phased in over months of testing and tuning and careful adjustment of load balancing. There is plenty of fault here, but most goes to a political system that is vastly out of touch with the needs of our citizens and how to use the technology available.



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