Letter: Course of history

History 101.

Legitimate claim by present day Russia concerning the country of Ukraine? Or is it history repeating itself?

1918 — After WW I, Europe’s territorial divisions are changed. A new state: “Czechoslovakia” is created, consisting of several ethnic groups. The Sudeten area is populated mainly by ethnic Germans.

1938 September — Prime Minister Chamberlain accepts Hitler’s solemn promise to “rescue” these Germans by incorporating them into the “Reich.” He promises that he has no other territorial demands or plans.

1939 March — Germany takes all of Czechoslovakia by military force. it comes under German rule. “Protectorat Bohemia and Slovakia.”

1939 August — Germany signs Friendships Pact with the Soviet Union. (Their former No. 1 enemy)

1939 1 September — Germany invades Poland.

1939 17 September — Soviet Union invades Poland.

1939 29 September — Nazis and Soviet Union divide Poland.

1941 June 22 — Germany breaks pact, attacks Soviet Union.

1941 July 12 — Soviet Union/Great Britain Alliance begins.

1945 May 8 — Allied victory. WW II ends in Europe.

Germany loses all territorial gains in Europe, including Poland.

Each of the allies establish zones of occupation (for limited time).

Soviet Russia refuses to return Eastern Poland (gained in Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939). Seizes the German province of Lower Silesia Province and “gives” it to Poland. German population is expelled.

1945 June 5 — Allied (Big Four) Conference in Potsdam approves Stalin’s demands.

2014 — Russian President Putin (former Soviet NKVD officer) demands part of the independent country of Ukraine to become Russian territory in order to protect its ethnic minority. Moves in troops.

Deja vu?



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