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Letter: What it should have said

This letter is in response to Tim Blagg’s March 3 editorial (“Just doing our job/Includes when officials stray from process”), which I found very disappointing. Here’s how I wish it had been written. I will incorporate some of his own language, in quotes, in this rewrite.

Mr. Blagg’s headline: “Just doing our job”

Reworked subtitle: Includes when The Recorder strays from fair reporting

The editorial would now read:

We at The Recorder now realize “after letters and phone calls continued for days” that we were a big part of the recent “gigantic kerfuffle over the Al Norman/Town Council/Conservation Commission”/Recorder matter and for that we apologize. “Given the high emotional content of the debate about big box stores in Greenfield,” we realize that we let our emotions get the better of us. “You’d think that on the local level, where our neighbors are concerned, that we’d be able to avoid that trap.”

We realize that the “decidedly personal tone of the attacks” was off base. Suggesting, as our editorial writer did, that a town councilor should resign for letting the public see a public document was irresponsible on our part.

We have repeatedly attempted to make a bogyman out of one of our citizens, Albert Norman, and while we may continue to disagree with him on many matters, we will avoid demonizing him and instead just accurately and without bias report “content.”

We will try in the future to take the same high road that Town Councilor David Singer took in publicly owning up to ways in which he might have made the process less controversial. We can’t promise that we will always be able to reach those high standards, but we can try. In this case, The Recorder did not meet the bar of journalistic standards that we set for ourselves.

We apologize for creating a loud and hurtful “kerfuffle” and will do better, not just because of our reputation but because it is the right thing to do.



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