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Editorial: Remy’s back in the booth

Jerry Remy is back doing what he enjoys: Sitting in the broadcasting booth providing color commentary about the Boston Red Sox.

The question that looms in the background is whether fans will enjoy having Remy return after an extended leave following his son’s arrest on murder charges last summer. Part of that answer depends upon how you view credit and blame when it comes to parenting.

Remy left the booth after his son Jared was charged with killing 27-year-old Jennifer Martel, his girlfriend and the mother of their daughter. The trial of the younger Remy, who pleaded not guilty, is scheduled to take place this fall.

Shortly after this tragedy, Jerry Remy released this statement on Twitter: “My thoughts and prayers go out to Jenn Martel and her family. Words cannot describe my wife’s and my grief. Son or not, I am at loss for words articulating my disgust and remorse over this senseless and tragic act.”

In interviews since, it is clear the Jerry Remy’s pain and grief remains strong for Martel and her family. And, of course, there are strong emotions felt about his son, including plenty of pain.

But there’s also clarity: “It’s no excuse ... Jared’s had issues from a very young age. And we as a family have tried to do the very best we can to address those issues. It takes two to tango.

“Everybody knows about his past. I’ll be damned if my wife didn’t do the best possible job any mother could do. I have tried to do the best possible job I could do. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

“We’ve tried the best we possibly could to get him the help he needed. Did we ever anticipate this? No. It ended up in a very, very disgusting and tragic way.”

Jared Remy has a violent criminal past, one that includes assaulting women on four separate occasions. He also was fired by the Sox while working as a security staffer during a steroid investigation in 2008.

A time does come when parents can no longer provide help or guidance, without the willingness of the child to allow them to do so. Jared Remy, for whatever reason, reached that crossroads long ago. He became an adult and in the eyes of society and the law his parents could no longer take charge ... and were no longer responsible.

Jerry Remy had nothing to do with the alleged murder. Despite this, his life will never be the same. That’s part of being a parent.

But he shouldn’t be held responsible for his adult 35-year-old son’s behavior and tragic choices ... and we’re glad to see him back.

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