Signs of heroin use

According to a list provided by the Heroin Education Awareness Task Force and the Woburn District Court Porbation Department, symptoms or signs of heroin use that parents and others can watch for include:

∎ constricted, pinpoint pupils

∎ vomiting

∎ constipation

∎ nodding out

∎ use of laxatives

∎ loss of old friendships

∎ new, undesirable friends

∎ frequent, secret phone calls

∎ depresssion

∎ track marks on arms

∎ time away from home

∎ sudden change in behavior

∎ itching and scratching

∎ weight loss

∎ cessation of menstruation

∎ finding plastic Ziploc bags

∎ finding spoons with burn marks

∎ disappearance of spoons

∎ stolen credit cards and checks

∎ aluminum foil with burn marks

∎ pawns slips

∎ purchases returned for refund

∎ theft of household valuables

∎ bottles of vinegar and bleach

∎ cotton balls

∎ problems in school

∎ loss of interest in activities

∎ missing money

∎ unhealthy appearance

∎ criminal charges


‘No one is immune’

Monday, February 24, 2014

GREENFIELD — The federal war on drugs is a failure, and Franklin County can be a model for an alternative use for the money spent eradicating opium crops in another hemisphere. That was Congressman James McGovern’s message for the crowd attending Monday’s conference at Greenfield Community College. “I want you to succeed because I want your efforts to serve as … 0

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