Letter: Treatment facilities

I have been concerned about the rash of drug overdoses and have thought of ways to help. The following is what I came up with.

As for those who distribute the drugs, they should receive a longer prison term because with spending three years in prison and three years of probation will more than liking to recommit the same crime. They would have experience on how not to be caught a second time. Also, they are committing intention of murder for a felony.

As for those who are using drugs, they should be sentenced to a therapy treatment site instead of prison.

There are unused government facilities, such as the former mental hospitals. These are vacant now and may have to be up-dated to the new building codes. They are big enough to house many people which would reduce the number of workers. Also, these hospitals have kitchens, bathrooms and rooms that could separate the males from the females

The term of confinement would be just long enough to ensure the patient is well on the way to recovery.



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