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Letter: Unwanted calls

Buckland’s 911 is never going to be used as a true 911 Emergency protocol, although, its inception was Emergency Management Grant money. For now, there are two call list categories: Emergency Reverse 911 and Buckland’s secondary, nonemergency list targeting seniors.

The selectmen agreed (June 11, 2013) the “55 and older” group be sent nonemergency social messages. The irony here is a Buckland senior was never given an option but arbitrarily placed on this senior subset call list. Like it or not, now the burden of removal is a senior problem. Beginning Oct. 15, I asked to be taken off this secondary social messaging. It took three months, three different verbal requests to selectmen and a letter. On Jan. 14, the selectmen reaffirmed reverse 911 social messaging is definitely here to stay; calls might increase. Calls will continue to originate from the Town Hall phone number mimicking a real emergency style as before.

History: This approved selectmen secondary listing only impacted seniors 55 and up. That explains why “junior” Buckland taxpayers were mystified by my “cry-wolf” letter’s concerns (Dec. 9, 2013) because their phone numbers are not receiving these special “senior-targeted” holiday/schmoliday type announcements. If you want to be dropped from senior non-emergency social messaging, mail or call in a removal request to the Buckland Town Hall.

Reasoning: Buckland spends annually over $3,500 for Emergency Management Expense; but, if Buckland just used it for “real” emergencies they might go year-after-year “wasting” big emergency insurance notification dollars. So they authorized this non-essential, sub-category usage to justify and utilize the expenditure.

I asked the selectboard if Buckland’s School Committee meeting dates would be blasted out. The answer was: “No.” Really, handing over almost $2 million a year and nearly 50 percent of Buckland’s annual budget to Superintendent Buoniconti can sometimes feel like a never-ending disaster!



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