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Letter: In our future?

Socialism leads to slavery at the hands of the government. Why? Because one becomes totally dependent on government to provide its people with health care, food, and many social services to the poor and sometimes the undeserving. Its far-reaching grasp grows in a patch of ignorance and greed. Some undeserving individuals, without a grimace of restraint, will “work the system” in the leisure of life’s evening, getting paid for untrue physical difficulties while enjoying the taxpayer’s money.

Incurably afflicted with their own antics of avarice they gloat in humorous frog-face smugness of takers. Their aim in life is to gain by deceit, not appreciation for work well done. Without a cloud on their brow they cash the government’s checks and whistle that they got away with it, not realizing their own spirit is supremely critical to their eternal salvation. With no badge of shame connected to the handout, they have convinced themselves that they are disabled. To the apparently sympathetic social worker who views the problem with generous compassion, it’s a done deal. The horror on the horizon is that once enslaved to taking, an individual lives in contempt of capitalism and will be told what to do and what one cannot do. Then the situation becomes prickly and scrubby like an unshaven chin. Revolution follows. This is the horror on the horizon.


Shelburne Falls

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