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Letter: Close Guantananmo

Thank you for printing the Miami Herald editorial “Maximum transparency should be rule at Guantanamo” soon after the 12th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Prison. For the last seven years, I have joined the faith-based organization Witness Against Torture to protest the existence of this prison by going to Washington, D.C., in the chill of January, putting on an orange jumpsuit and black hood and doing various actions to draw public attention to this cruel, ignominious and maybe permanent institution that violates American values and defies international laws against torture.

Of the 155 Muslim men who remain there, 79 have been cleared for release as many as six years ago and yet, for lack of moral authority, President Obama has not set them free. Only two have been tried and sentenced. Forty-six are forever prisoners in a forever war. They won’t be tried because there is not enough evidence for a trial, but by some twist of logic, they are deemed too dangerous to be released.

On Jan. 11, we of Witness Against Torture organized a demonstration inside the National Museum of American History to make the point that Guantanamo has become part of our nation’s history, and therefore should be a permanent exhibit in the museum. At the same time, our plea is that we need to make Guantanamo part of our historical past, just as we have done with slavery. For visuals of our actions visit the website



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