Letter: All together

As I read the article titled “Two vie for vacant Town Council seat,” I was pleased to learn that there are two individuals interested in serving in the vacant Precinct 2 Town Council seat.

But as I read on, I was dismayed that Teresa Conti seems to be playing into a false “them vs. us” dichotomy. She is quoted as saying, “Right now, the council is stacked against the people who grew up here … This is my hometown.”

This statement assumes a struggle that does not exist. The many “people from away” have chosen to live in Greenfield because they recognized that it could easily be their “hometown,” too.

As someone who spent the last year as a volunteer working on both the Greenfield Sustainable Master Plan and the Greenfield Gateway Sculpture Project, I find it particularly galling to learn that my efforts are viewed automatically as detrimental to other residents of my community … simply because I did not grow up here. It appears that, without ever talking with me, Ms. Conti has decided that my views are irrelevant and at odds with hers.

The Sustainable Master Planning Committee involved Greenfield natives and recent transplants. We developed a common vision for Greenfield based upon the recognition that we all love this town.

Ms Conti, I hope you will recognize that all of the town councilors approach their work in that same spirit. We are not “them and us.” We are Greenfield.



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