Letter: Examining our beliefs

Tim Blagg recently commented that irreconcilable differences between scientific and religious communities is nonsensical — I agree. Science often fortifies religious beliefs and sometimes challenges them; but most important scientific discoveries force us to examine our beliefs more closely and that has to be a good thing. Pastor Jerry Bricker at Christ Church Greenfield explained in a Sunday sermon that God gave us a mind — and therefore expects us to use it. Blind adherence to religious traditions is not a satisfactory way to please God — rather active seeking truth, learning and loving one another is God’s command.

Science informs our opinions and teaches how to love people better — like veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, children with behavioral problems and people with gender issues. Fifty years ago, popular culture was ill-informed about such challenges and people suffered untreated, unloved sometimes entire lifetimes. In the 21st century, people can love their fellow human beings much more powerfully because of what science contributes to faith.



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