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Letter: Stick with the nurses

I suppose it should not be too surprising that Chris Collins’ column parrots Baystate corporate propaganda that our local greenhorn nurses are incapable of thinking for themselves and are being led by the nose by the evil Massachusetts Nurses Association. Anyone who has any recent contact with our local nurses couldn’t possibly believe that we have a bevy of fools incapable of making their own decisions on their working conditions.

I defy Collins or anyone else to prove that these nurses who deal with pain and suffering, along with life and death constantly, are incapable of judging their own working conditions. He should be ashamed at such a ludicrous insult to those whose service could mean the difference between his, mine or whoever’s life and death. When is America going to wake up or, better yet, grow up and reject the false blather coming from the corporate flunkies? What is it going to take after Wall Street “investment firms” and Real Estate moguls in 2008 brought the whole system to the brink of catastrophe?

Are we going to continue to believe the former Baystate CEO (Tolosky) with his 2012 $1.6 million salary that money is being spent appropriately? Why in God’s name does Baystate find it necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars (or more?) on full-page ads in The Recorder and highway billboards? What can be more ridiculous than advertisement for a hospital, as though people have to be encouraged to get sick or injured?

As for myself, I’ll stick with our local members of the Mass Nurses Association whose art and skill of caring and healing is what really counts. Hasn’t health care had enough of absurd bean counting, overpaid management hacks, bloated “advertising” budgets, million-dollar hospital CEOs and a “market model” that has failed miserably? Our nurses deserve fair working hours and conditions along with a decent standard of living. Is there anyone out there, who in a time of need, wants to be cared for by an underpaid, stressed-out and exhausted nursing staff? I didn’t think so.



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