Letter: Switch from plastic

A recent Recorder headline: “Businesses concerned about plastic ban.” As a business owner my take: this is a huge win-win opportunity for business to make money selling creatively designed reusable bags (hint, hint Wilson’s), reduce trash removal and landfill costs, reduce supply costs, by not having to offer customers plastic bags and great PR for Greenfield, which can join with Concord as a pioneer in reducing waste. I was in Austin, Texas the week before they banned plastic bags and all stores I shopped at had plenty of signs and reusable bags for sale and the transition was going very smoothly. My hope is that Greenfield joins Concord as an early trend-setter and early success could lead to a statewide ban and then a national ban. It is time for the business owners to turn lemons to lemonade and drink the benefits of a more green way of doing business. By the way, the price of a barrel of oil has surged last month from $90 to $100 a barrel. Plastic bags are made from oil and they are going to cost more so Greenfield business owners your savings just ramped up even more.



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