Letter: Obama worship

At Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, President Obama cozied up to the Danish Prime Minister, she snapped their picture, and Michelle Obama looked like she wanted to snap their necks.

“The reason you’re there is to accept the torch being passed from Mandela to you, and what do you do?” asked radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. “You take a picture of yourself with the Denmark babe while the memorial is going on? George W. Bush was there and sat right next to his wife the whole time and did not try to make the event about himself. And they tell us that Bush is the idiot and the embarrassment?”

Liberal women should be disgusted with their leader for humiliating his wife like that, but of course, they’re silent. They forgive Barry because he adores abortion.

As for The Recorder Editorial Board, they commented on the selfie incident, but did not criticize their rock star president. They never do. After all, Dennis, Tim and Justin believe Obamacare is working. In their world, Obama can do no wrong.

But in the real world, millions of Americans are losing their health care coverage because of Obama. Millions of Americans are searching for jobs they’ll never find, and more homeless families are living in motels in this state than ever before. People everywhere are suffering. Meanwhile, the president is in Hawaii for Christmas vacation. His last Hawaiian adventure cost taxpayers over $4 million. Yes We Can!

Barry Hussein Obama is an embarrassment, yet the libs still worship this incompetent little guy who only cares about himselfie.



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