Montague: Monday’s executive session yields no new information

Monday’s executive session yields no new information

Recorder Staff
Monday, February 12, 2018

TURNERS FALLS — The second executive session “to discuss complaints and potential disciplinary action against a public officer” held this month ended with no new information.

After a regularly scheduled Monday Selectboard meeting, board members went into two consecutive executive sessions that lasted from approximately 8 to 9 p.m., longer than last week’s half-hour closed door meeting.

“We are continuing our discussions,” said Selectboard member Rich Kuklewicz.

The same outcome has happened at previous executive sessions held last Monday and Saturday, Jan. 27.

During the normally scheduled Selectboard meeting before the closed sessions, Selectboard members and Town Administrator Steve Ellis discussed employee exit interview protocol. It isn’t clear whether this discussion is related to developments in the executive sessions.

According to Ellis, the Selectboard asked him to develop protocol and share it with Selectmen as part of the meeting materials.

The purpose of these exit interviews would be to “gain insight” and obtain suggestions for improvement in the workplace, according to Ellis.

“This is a process that needs to be built within a certain level of confidentiality,” Ellis said. “But obviously there are some limits to that.”

While town positions do not have a high turnover rate, Selectmen expressed the need to strive to conduct exit interviews as often as possible with those who quit, are terminated or retire.

The next Selectboard meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 26 since next Monday is a government holiday. It is likely that yet another executive session will be held at the meeting.

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