Is there really a case here?

Friday, April 21, 2017

We have known Chris Vinsant since his elementary school days and have been part of his life up until the present. Chris came from a tough background and has had some difficult times. However, he emerged with the courage to change his life course and better himself, which he has done with success.

If the District Attorney, David Sullivan, has such a strong case, why wait until September to prosecute? Why does Mr. Sullivan need the time to build a case? The U.S. Constitution promises its citizens a “fair and speedy” trial. Mr. Sullivan, why the delay?

If the coroner’s report demonstrated there was no homicide four years ago, what has changed? There were no witnesses four years ago. Are there now?

Having lived in Franklin County for decades, we have felt reassured that we were surrounded by open- and fair-minded people. Yet, we feel this is a persecution of an easy target — a young black man without resources who, at one time in his life, used drugs. Do you need to close this case, Mr. Sullivan? Is this a cover-up of the incompetence of the Department of Child and Family Services? Or, is it a cover-up of the District Attorney’s Division of Child Abuse?

Mr. Vinsant is a decent man who deserves so much more from our racist society.

Black lives do matter; they matter right here in Franklin County.

Constance Pike and Michael Magee