Renewable energy needs to be our future

Friday, June 16, 2017

Why is it that the GOP is so hell bent on oil and coal? The future is clearly all about renewables. Had Bush taken the leap, the United States would be far ahead of the rest of the world in solar and other renewable energy technologies. Obama set us back on track, only to have Trump derail us, at least in terms of federal policy.

Why? Money, obviously, and very rich old white guys clinging on to the last dying vestiges of an old-world technology, all of whom contribute to GOP campaigns.

The adult thing to do would be for us, as a nation, to foster a national renewable energy grid, something that was designed to maximize efficient energy production on a site-by-site basis, complete with natural storage capacity to stabilize availability and pricing.

Forty years ago we had serious air pollution in many major cities. You may not agree that climate change is real, or influenced by human action, but certainly you can agree that clean air is something we all want.

Forty years from now, our children will look back on these days and shake their heads, wondering what our president was thinking.

Mik Muller