Volunteer to be part of the solution

Friday, June 09, 2017

For many of us in this particular time, when from the pulpit of the presidency Americans are invited to disdain, demean, judge, ridicule and, yes, even hate anyone who doesn’t measure up to one’s contrived standards, I felt compelled to act — to DO something to reach out, demonstrating our/my inherent nature of compassion.

One such activity I chose was volunteering for the Franklin County Survival Center Food Pantry located in Turners Falls. It has been in operation for over three decades serving the residents of Franklin County. It has been rewarding on so many levels, though suffice it to say I sense now being a bit more part of the “solution than the problem (by silence).” I invite others of you to consider this service. There are four categories of varying jobs/tasks, each comprising about four-hour shifts Monday through Friday; generally no particular skills are necessary and time commitment will vary by need and choice.

If you sense an interest, registration sheets can be picked up and dropped off at the Franklin County Survival Center at 88 4th St. (just adjacent to the food pantry).

Mary Kay Mattiace