Bicyclists ignore, disobey laws

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Considering the current amount of bicycle traffic in Greenfield and those bicyclists that blatantly ignore the Massachusetts law(s) in regard to bicycle operation on public roadways, (Mass. General Laws; Section 11B: Bicycles; operation and equipment; regulations) I offer this suggestion to the Town Council.

The town of Greenfield has an opportunity to enhance its monetary coffers via the registration of all bicycles that use public highways and roads as a mode of business and leisure travel. A nominal fee and fine system might be looked into for those who adapt and those who don’t.

The town has no qualms about imposing monetary regulations regarding parking meters and fines for those that scoff at or overrun their paid-for parking time. It’s about time the bicyclists have an opportunity to contribute to the towns’ bicycle laws or lack thereof.

Often as I drive about Greenfield I’ll encounter a bicyclist who weaves through traffic, is on the wrong side of the road, or ignores stop signs.

The bicyclist’ mantra is “share the road.” Essentially, motorists are willing to do so. It’s about time this town got serious about the bicyclist adhering to t. Most bicyclists are ignorant or choose to be ignorant of these Massachusetts bicycle laws.

Ed Gregory