A fan of Trump but not of ‘Trumpcare’

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I’m a Trump supporter because of Hilary Clinton, and I now see his plan starting to show up. Bringing jobs to America is a great thing if you can work, but if you can’t find work or you’re retired like myself, then his medical insurance doesn’t work. His real plan was to get people to work so they all could buy and pay for insurance.

America has been taken over by health care companies and hospitals who are charging all of us outrageous costs. For example, my wife had to go to the Cooley Dickinson Hospital last year for some check-up. When I saw the bill, I demanded it be itemized. I saw $8 for an 8-inch Q-tip that she said was never used. Had I not said anything, they wouldn’t have taken it off the bill. By the way, the bill went from $189 to $100.

Everyone should demand itemized bills for anything that has to do with health care. For the record, I don’t support Obamacare or Trumpcare. Trump is a businessman and he thinks like one because he has everyone else running his company. He doesn’t realize what it’s like to be struggling along day to day. We need universal health care and it should be on the ballot in elections just as much as politicians.

It’s time we as Americans drain the swamp for the best medical care we all deserve.

I still believe Trump was the best choice and if he can get his family out of his job, then maybe he’ll be better for all of us.

Noel Gomez

South Deerfield