Fuse catches fire in Greenfield during lightning storm

  • A fuse caught fire at the wTe recycling center during a thunderstorm Thursday night Recorder Staff/Joshua Solomon—

Recorder Staff
Friday, May 19, 2017

GREENFIELD — A fuse caught fire during a storm late Thursday night near the wTe recycling center off of Montague City Road, causing a scene for about an hour before Eversource came to repair the power line.

Adding to the incident, a tree came down in a wooded area near the fuse box.

There were no injuries or apparent damages to private property around the scrapyard, formerly known as Kramers, by the time Eversource left around midnight.

There was never a major concern that a bigger fire would start, an Eversource employee said.

“If it was dry, sure. It might’ve caused a little fire,” said Dan Nartowitz, response specialist.

The Greenfield Fire Department first arrived at the scrapyard, but did not have to take immediate action because the small fire, burning the plastic on the primary, high-voltage-fuse was contained.

From the road, smoke could be seen billowing up behind the houses, with a small fire apparent at the ground level.

When Eversource arrived to the scene at around 11 p.m. They consulted the fire department and then went to cut the powerline, which only runs electricity to the recycling center and not to the homes.

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