Real Estate/Changing Hands, Dec. 29, 2017

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Lauren Preston-Wells, to Lauren Preston-Wells and Andrew S. Wells. 30 Bailey Road. $1


Bank of America, NA, of Plano, Texas, to Robert Allen Deane. 61 Deane Road. $125,000


Donald G. Churchill, of Shelburne, to Churchill Investment Trust, of Shelburne, Donald G. Churchill and Janie L. Churchill, Trustees. 13 South St. $1


Ann M. Martin, to Megan N. Weller, of Westhampton. 1 Church St. “fka” 37 St. $145,000


Richard E. Ouimette and Gladys I. Ouimette, of Ocala, Fla., to Kenneth D. Ouimette and Cynthia J. Ouimette. 46 Main St. $1

Theodore H. Lefkowitz and Barbara Melville “aka” Barbara M. Lefkowitz, to Richard C. Bishop of Shelburne Falls. 1352 Ashfield Road & 1356 Ashfield Road. $1

Richard C. Bishop, to Theodore H. Lefkowitz and Barbara M. Lefkowitz. 1352 Ashfield Road. $1

Richard C. Bishop, to Theodore H. Lefkowitz and Barbara Melville. 1356 Ashfield Road. $1

Nicholas Potter, of Ashfield, and Maggy Potter, to Josephine Lally, of Shelburne. 34 and 38 Academy Hill Road. $150,000


Donald A. Junkins and Kaimei Zheng, to Xuliang Jiang and Jenny Qian, of Newton. 63 Hawks Road. $257,000

Malcolm J. Cichy and Joyce S. Cichy, to Brian T. Johnson, Kathleen Mary Sullivan, and Kelley Marie Sullivan, of Sunderland. 59 Sugarloaf St. $610,000

Melony M. Lucas, to Melony M. Lucas and Dustin Pros. 19 Elm Circle. $1


Melinda A. Chase, of Granville, to Jared Ewart and Melissa Caloon, of Greenfield. 87 Old State Road. $275,000


Franklin Land Trust Inc. of Shelburne Falls, to the Town of Gill. Hoe Shop Road. A Gift


Lenore H. Gaudet, of Northfield and Cheryl A. Carley, to Cheryl A. Carley. 433 Mohawk Trail. $1

Cheryl A. Carley to Douglas A. Gaudet and Lenore H. Gaudet, of Northfield. 79 Prospect St. $1

Lenore H. Gaudet and Cheryl A. Carley, to Lenore H. Gaudet. Mohawk Trail. $1

Gary King and Anne King, of Canton, to Brittany A. Senn, of Erving. 188 Chapman St. $200,000

Jared W. Ewart and Melissa A. Caloon, to James Sanchez and Chandra A. Sanchez. 54 Riddell St. $198,000

Charlotte A. Baker Estate, David M. Baker, Personal Representative to CA Cole Properties, LLC, of Deerfield. 18 French King Hwy. $147,500

Karen Ann Clough “aka” Karen A. Clough, to Clough Investment Trust, Karen A. Clough, Trustee. 22 Ferrante Ave. $1

Mark Cogswell “aka” Mark H. Cogswell and Marilyn Cogswell “aka” Marilyn A. Cogswell, to Cogswell Investment Trust, Mark H. Cogswell and Marilyn A. Cogswell, Trustees. 264 Barton Road. $1

Ben G. Marsden and Wendy S.C. Marsden, to Ben G. Marsden Investment Trust, Ben G. Marsden, Trustee and Wendy S.C. Marsden Investment Trust, Wendy S.C. Marsden, Trustee. 3 Grinnell St. $1

Robert A. Zera, to Joshua A. Zera and Benjamin A. Zera. 62 River Street. $1

Karen J. Axtell, to Karen J. Axtell and Michael James Little. 68 Beech St. $1

George M. Sanford Jr., and Carol A. Sanford, “fka” Carol A. Coulombe, to Darren S. Schmidt, of Holyoke. 98 River St. $197,000

Jason M. Thompson, of Gill, to PDV, Inc. 33 Norwood St. $171,963

Laurie A. Newsome, of Leyden, to Patricia Simmons, of East Falmouth. 204 Wells St. $170,000

Rural Development, Inc., to Wisdom Way Solar Village Condominium, Trust. Solar Way. $1


Kate Bailey, of Shelburne Falls, and Michael T. Wilmeth, to Michael T. Wilmeth. 9 South Road. $1


Leo S. Hourihan and Sheila N. Hourihan, to Leo S. Hourihan Investment Trust, Leo S. Hourihan, Trustee, and Sheila N. Hourihan Investment Trust, Sheila N. Hourihan, Trustee. 101 South Schoolhouse Road, “aka” Schoolhouse Road, and Leyden Road. $1


Mark Reiland and Sandy Jeanne Beauregard, to Nathaniel D. Groppe and Maylis Atkins. 127 Chestnut Hill Loop. $290,000

Dean P. Wonsey and Julie A. Wonsey, of Lake Pleasant section of Montague, to Timothy C. Mercer and Sandra L. Breiner, of Greenfield. 76 Broadway. $152,000

Karen Sturtevant, to Charles A. Henderson. 63 Central St. $148,000

Kelley M. Sullivan, of Sunderland, to Karla Burnley and Laryssa Kachorowsky, of Hatfield. 495 Montague Road. (land also in Sunderland). $316,000

Robert J. Girard, to Christopher J. Miller, of Greenfield. 63 Park St. $58,500

Robert H. Balboni Estate and Christine D. Balboni, Personal Representative, of Mission, Texas, to James E. Adams and Lisa A. Adams, of Greenfield. 74 Montague St. $170,000


Packard Orange Realty Trust, LLC, of Leominster, to Marilyn A. Firth. 113 New Athol Road. $147,000


Donald G. Churchill and Janie L. Churchill, to Churchill Investment Trust, Donald G. Churchill and Janie L. Churchill, Trustees. 50 Reynolds Road. $1


Sandra J. DeVito, of Chicopee, to Theresa Thibault, of Chicopee. Gas Lite Lane “aka” Beechwood Lane. Less than $100.

Patrick J. Major, of Chicopee, to Daniel J. Major, of Chicopee and Donna M. Grzelak of Southwick. Gas Lite Lane, “aka” Beechwood Lane. Less than $100.

Michael A. Major, of Ludlow, to Daniel Major, Donna M. Grzelak and Theresa Thibault. Gas Lite Lane “aka” Beechwood Lane. Less than $100.

Douglas P. Major, of New York, N.Y., to Daniel J. Major and Donna M. Grzelak. Gas Lite Lane “aka” Beechwood Lane. Less than $100.

Aaron M. Snow and Lisa M. Snow, to Phil Potts Roaring Bluff Idaho, LLC. 7 Oak Knoll. $185,000


Albert P. Alden Jr., Estate, Andrew P. Alden, Personal Representative, of Leominster, to Susan J. Groesbeck of Ephratah, N.Y., Nancy J. Alden, of Orange, Andrew A. Alden and Janice C. Alden. Holden Road. No Consideration


Greenfield Savings Bank, to Tracy P. Johnston, of Deerfield. 71 River Road. $49,000

Edward S. Ashman and Kristine H. Ashman, to Jeffrey E. Ashman and Jessica A. Terrillion, of South Deerfield. 3 Straits Road. $1

Jeffrey E. Ashman and Jessica A. Terrillion, to Edward & Kristine Ashman Family Real Estate Trust, Jeffrey E. Ashman and Jessica A. Terrillion, Trustees. 3 Straits Road. $1

Edward S. Ashman, Kristine H. Ashman, and Kristine M. Ashman, to Jeffrey E. Ashman. 160 Long Plain Road. $1

Jeffrey E. Ashman to Ashman Long Plain Real Estate Trust, Jeffrey E. Ashman, Trustee. 160 Long Plain Road. $1

Eileen Buckowski, to David J. Limero and Amanda E. Limero. 31 Swamp Road. $410,000